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PetsNPatients Donation Based Boarding

PetsNPatients Non for Profit is a Pet Care Networking Service for Patient’s pet to assist in providing a home atmosphere and accepts a limited number of pets within our network so we can provide daily attention and tender loving care, while a patient recovers. Accidents and illness require extended periods of time and often the decision to re-home a pet is the first option given patients.

We believe that time heals and by offering a patient support during a crisis where conventional boarding would be cost prohibitive in most cases to a disabled person with growing financial strain we may be able to offer a “band-aid” of respite care for their pets while they improve to preserve the pet companion bond.

We have a limited number of pet sitters and volunteer respite home caregivers. They are pet lovers who agree to provide a 24/7 safe haven for your pet for a period of time, perhaps home checks for your other pets, or dog walks.

Your circle of friends can create a pet care account with us to help offset your expense for pet while you recover. All pet care donations are 100 % tax deductible and accepted through Pay Pal so your support network can help you from anywhere. We are an all volunteer group. Limited donations and grants fund our resources.

PetsNPatients does not cover veterinary costs if your pet needs medical care. A valid credit card must be on file with the local vet of your respite pet caregiver while away from you.

Generally dogs must be temperament tested before they can be accepted because we seldom crate the dogs unless we are away from our homes. We are your pet’s home away from home while you heal.

Daily Pet Care costs are $5 - $10 daily and maybe waived based on disclosure of financial hardship. There is a $100 intake donation upon successful placement paid upon pet transfer.

ALL dogs/cats must be neutered/ spayed by 9 months of age

Dog shots - Rabies, Distemper, Porvo, and Bordatella

Cat shots - Rabies, Distemper, Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS negative

Click Here to download the Patient Request Intake form

Patient requests may be faxed to (630) 637-6008 or scanned and emailed to ( subject line - Patient Request)

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