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PetsnPatients NFP resources pet care for patients at risk of losing their pet due to health challenges finding a "band-aid" of interim pet care from pet sitters and other petcare providers.

Pet Sitters and pet care providers are asked to donate one pet sit a year to serve one patient a year. Donate a Pet Sit Here.

Patients can apply for help through our website if they have a pet or pets and are in need of respite care for their pets, due to their illness, accident, rehabilitation or hospice care by filling out this application to apply for a Pet SIt.

Patients are also asked to share their stories on our community page how their pets provide comfort and care in their process of recovery.

We know that there needs to be a greater national awareness of the positive healing nature of companion animals for patients enduring health crises. These patients often need support services to maintain those pets when their own health,housing and well being is compromised.

We believe in a "No-kill" nation. When disabled and not working, boarding pets is very costly. Surrendering pets to animal control units often dooms the pet. Euthanization is not the answer.

Please share the mission of PetsNPatients with organizations that value the companion bond in healing.

Help us provide seriously ill patients an option of pet care while they recover with the unconditional love of their pet beside them, "one tail at a time."

Ann Marie Glaviano
Ann Marie Glaviano
PetsNPatients Non for Profit 501c3

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